Your logo is the first thing that a customer sees, and it is often what people remember first about your company.

Logo Graphic Design for BrocoProper logos are pivotal to brand a business, and at the Sign Shop we are able to provide high quality, memorable ones at a low, affordable price.

Many design firms downtown generally quote in the thousands of dollars, regardless of how long it takes them. At the Sign Shop one of our graphic designers will set out to create a brand identity you like, as quickly as possible; charging by the hour. This means that the logos we create not only are of the same caliber as any firm downtown, but our price remains low for our customers, always in the hundreds(For simple logos, often less), rather than the thousands.

Many businesses have already made the smart decision in contracting the Sign Shop to create their logo and have been thrilled with the result.  Make the call today to have one of the Sign Shop’s graphic designer to create from scratch, or revamp your current logo.